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Savannah's Savings Jar

Financial literacy for children.  Meet Savannah.  Ten-year-old Savannah is given the nickname Saving Savannah by her friends, but it wasn’t always this way. She was assigned a project to start a business for class.  Her teacher encourages the class and reminds them, “….All of you can become entrepreneurs.” 

She meets/ greets this opportunity with determination to create a successful business and reach a financial goal. Savannah uses the funds from a grant her teacher was awarded to start her business. She names her business … Terrific Slimerrific!   

Savannah’s business is off to a great start, until she runs into a conflict. She and her best friend, Spending Spencer go to the mall and do not spend the money wisely. After not taking heed of the advice her father gives to save her money BEFORE spending, Savannah discovers she doesn’t have enough money to cover the cost of her expenses. Savannah is devastated by her realization. She has to figure out how to get enough money to continue Terrific Slimerrific. SHE LOVES MAKING HER OWN MONEY and is set on continuing to sell slime.

When Savannah is faced with this challenge, she reflects on the careless actions that led her to this point. She asks for advice and starts working with a new student to make up for her missteps. It isn’t until she sacrifices some of her personal funds and changes her habits that she can recover. She doesn’t check her budget and expense list, doesn’t save her money, and spends the money she earned carelessly! She will always save her money from now on.

Chelsea Addision.   I am excited about the opportunity to educate students at a young age about saving. When I taught first and second grade I noticed my students were like sponges. They soaked up every bit of knowledge that came their way. This knowledge set a foundation upon which future lessons were easier to build upon.

I decided to embark upon this journey because I saw the opportunity to meet a need. I wanted to provide students, families, and teachers a fun and engaging way to build a foundation for financial literacy while working on comprehension skills. As a teacher, I often had conversations with parents about building their child’s vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. This book includes a glossary and optional comprehension questions to track the child’s understanding. Each published book will include a slime recipe.

Tab Content

Age Level    7 – 12
Grade Level  3 – 5
You can’t do everything yourself and don’t spend your money on everything you desire.  You should have a savings jar for your money.
ISB: 978-0-578-21220-3
Author:  Chelsea Addison
Illustrator:  Laura Daogaru
Format(s) Available:  Softcopy
Contains:  Glossary, Comprehension Questions, Recipe

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