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How second graders inspired a series of financial education books

Financial Literacy for Children

Author Chelsea Addison joins U.S. Bank financial education leader Neal Richardson in a new podcast episode.

Are you a Saving Savannah or a Spending Spencer? 

In the new book Savannah’s Savings Jar, teacher-turned-author Chelsea Addison introduces elementary students to these characters and the financial lessons they learned when given the opportunity to start a business. 

“Throughout the book, Savannah has to figure out how to use a budget and make wise decisions about saving so that she can continue her business,” said Addison. “Along the way, there are different characters – such as Spending Spencer – who teach her lessons on financial literacy.”

In the latest episode of the U.S. Bank podcast, Addison (pictured above on right) joined Neal Richardson (left), head of financial education at U.S. Bank, to share her advice for teaching kids about money and well as discuss how she applied the same concepts to start her own publishing company. 

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Addison said she was inspired to write Savannah’s Savings Jar when she was teaching second grade in St. Louis Public Schools as part of the Teach For America program. Her students had completed much of the required materials with time left in the school year, so she asked what else they wanted to learn. Fresh off of lessons about counting, they responded – MONEY.

“The class went nuts,” she laughed. “It turns out kids like talking about money.”

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