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Meet Chelsea Addison

Champion for Change

Starting Out

Raised in ATL.

Chelsea Addison was raised in Atlanta, GA and currently resides in University City, MO. Upon High School graduation, she attended college at The College of Wooster with a Posse scholarship and received an Undergraduate Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is now an entrepreneur, artist, and self published author of a financial literacy children’s book collection. She is the CEO of Addwin Publishing & Media, LLC and is the cofounder of TradEd Transitions (an employment lab where teenagers are exposed to and experience post graduate opportunities with experts in an area of interest).

On the Move

Community Leader.

Chelsea moved to St. Louis in 2014 where she taught for three years at Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Elementary School and received a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.
During her third year of teaching Chelsea ran for office and was elected as the youngest director and board secretary to serve on the School District of University City’s Board of Education. She also serves as a Board of Director for the nonprofit Ready Readers, servicing early childhood readers in St. Louis.

Standing Firm

Educational Equality.

Chelsea stands on the principles of educational equity and strives to bridge the opportunity gap through accountability, advocacy, and policy.

From the Author

Bridging the financial literacy gap one book at a time

“I want readers to gain knowledge from Financial Friends to bridge the widening financial gaps. I believe students should learn to manage money, create budgets, and build habits leading them to become financially secure adults, BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL. Not learning these skills in school results in costly mistakes with lasting consequences.”
Chelsea Addison
Chelsea Addison
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